League of Legends [KAMK.GG] [CoolerMasterND]

Peli: League Of Legends Alkaa: Sat, Oct 9th 2021, 12:00 EEST Päättyy: Sun, Oct 17th 2021, 00:00 EEST

KAMK.GG is happy to be hosting the League of Legends Tournament for GetOnline2021. Get ready for a brawl in Summoner's Rift under the watchful eyes of our CoolerMaster sponsor.


  • Bracket: Groups GSL, SE Bracket
  • Format: Groups bo1, Brackets bo3
  • Prize: 5 x Coolermaster Keyboards CK550
  • Server: EU West
  • Pre-registration: September 27
  • Discord:

How to participate?

  1. Register or log in.
  2. Create a team and list all the members.
  3. Press the Sign-Up button (located on the right side)
  4. Join the Garde discord server
  5. Check-in before tournament starts



5 x Coolermaster Keyboard CK550


9-10 October 13:00 EEST: Groups start*
16 October 11:00 EEST: Brackets start
17 October 12:00 EEST: Finals

*In case of <8 teams, qualifiers are canceled and all teams advance to the bracket stage. 

**Times are subject to change, depending on the number of sign ups.**



  • At least one member from each team is on the garde discord server.
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